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Choose Ecodiode

The first step of your journey is choosing to join us. Find out more about the ecodiode difference Device Information & Eco

Choose your Techologies

Just have 3 wave diode or add up to 3 other technologies to your machine.

Find out more about 3 Wave Diode


Find out more about our Nd: YAG

Make your Order

Most machines will take 3-4 weeks from order to delivery

Get your Training theory 

Once you have paid your theory notes will be emailed to you to start leaning. Find out more about our  Training

Get your ecodiode machine

We will arrange a date for delivery for you to receive your machine

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Do your Practical Training

Once you have your machine, we will help you set it up and do the practical side of the training.

980mn Diode Laser

Find out more about our 980 Diode

Radio Frequency

Find out more about our RF

Get a Quote

Get in contact to find out cost, any information you need and help with choosing the best for your needs

Get Started!

Now you are ready to start treating clients and getting great results!

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