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eco friendly laser


its not just the client that can make an environmental impact

Most laser machines have a significant amount of waste, choosing a machine that can reduce this can help you as a clinic be more mindful on your environmental impact.

Disposable parts: Many machines have limited laser shots, when the shots have been used the head had to be replaced. With ecodiode the shots are significantly more, lasting years not months:

Diode: 20 million

Nd: Yag: 10 Million

Diode 980: Unlimited

Radio Frequency: Unlimited

Easily damaged parts: With IPL laser the crystal used can get easily damaged or scratched and has to be replaced. With ecodiode it uses a 100% Pure AuSn bars from US Coherent, with no crystal there is less risk of the hand piece braking or the crystal getting scratched, reducing waste from disposing of damaged parts. 

Poor Quality Materials: If the materials used to create the laser machine are of poor quality, it will be more likely to malfunction and break easily, leading to having to dispose of the machine causing waste. With ecodiode high quality materials have been chosen from around the world for their durability and effectiveness. 

  • Strong and beautiful ABS shell, with iron stand inside machine

  • Double water filters imported from Korea, to filter out the impurities and ions from water, so that it can protect our US Coherent laser bar, thus can greatly prolong the life span of our diode laser.

  • 2 thick aluminum radiators alongside 6 large fans to ensure excellent heat disruption. Our Heat dissipation system is very important to the lifespan and quality of the machine.

  • Copper radiator vs Alum radiator: some companies may use the copper radiator and say copper radiator is better. That is a huge mistake, indeed copper has better heat conductivity, but it also produces copper rust which is easy to pollute the water and burn the xenon lamp.

  • 2  large capacitors imported from Japan, at 22000uf, totally 44000uf.

  • 8L big acrylic water tank, transparent and strong.

  • Latest brushless DC water pump, with high lift to 15 meters. Compare with the outdated magnetic drive pump, the brushless DC pump we use has much lower noise and much higher water flow speed. High water flow speed means it can take away the heat very quickly and protect the machine.

  • Schneider air switches

  • 14 inch big LED screen

  • 100% Pure AuSn bars from US Coherent / German Dilas. Super long lifespan of 20 million shots.

  • Ng: YAG UK Xeron lamp and phi 6 rods

Low powered machines: If the machine is low powered it will burn out more easily damaging your machine. Ecodiode machines are 3000w with a 1200w powered laser, one of the most powerful in the industry, this not only makes the treatment time shorter but the machine is not having to work as hard, so is less likely to burn out.

No monitoring to protect the machine: When a machine needs attention there is no way of knowing, leading to its deterioration. Ecodiode has a monitoring system that alerts you of what need to be done to keep the machine at its best, it also reports faults with codes to lead you to what needs attention. This keeps the machine and the clients safe at all times.  

Multiple machines = multiple shells = more waste: The more machines you have the more waste in the long run there will be. By having multiple machines in one shell, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste per machine when the time comes to upgrade.

Don't throw away, find it a loving home to move onto. Being our machines last, you might find the machine will last longer than you need it, so don't throw it away, contact us to find it a new home.

Disposable Razors

all laser hair removal improves the environment

Most at home hair removal options cause a significant amount of waste. As a generation who is having more of an understanding of how pollution is affecting the planet, we can see how even a small action made by many will have a significant impact.


Shaving is the most popular form of hair removal, with the most widely used razors being plastic disposable ones. Even though there are razors made from recycled materials or using reusable razors with replaceable blades, it's still causing waste. According to a survey by, 60.7 million razors and blade products were sold in the UK in 2017 – which means 60.7 million plastic items ultimately thrown away to become landfill waste and then microplastic pollution. That was just in 2017, just in UK. 

Hair removal creams are also a popular choice but often they use ingredients that contain harmful chemicals which get into the water supply, eventually washing away into the ocean.

Waxing is an more environmentally friendly option with biodegradable products but still there is a element of waste.


There is also the consideration that more shower time is needed for these hair removal options using more water that could be reduced if hair removal wasn't needed.


Laser offers clients a practical alternative to polluting hair removal methods, reducing waste, saving water and saving time.

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