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3 wavelength diode laser

755nm x 808nm x 1064nm


working principles of 3 wave diode

The mixed wavelengths diode laser combines the three most effective laser wavelengths  (755nm 808nm 1064nm) in a single machine, and 3 wavelengths works together and targeting different tissue depths and anatomical structures within the hair follicles. By combining absorption and penetration levels of different wavelengths, as well as extended treatment coverage, increase comfort and reduce maintenance requirements

e diode (4).png

Alex 755nm: 755nm laser is characterized by more powerful absorption of melanin, which makes it suitable for thin and light hair. It is recommended to use fine hair to treat pale skin (I-III). In this way, it can remove the hair on the eyebrows, upper lip and other parts.


Diode 808nm: 808nm laser can penetrate subcutaneous fat tissue and deep dermis. It is suitable for treating all skin types, especially those with high hair density and first-time treatment. Therefore, it usually acts on all parts of the body to make hair removal reach any depth, clear and thorough.


YAG 1064nm: 1064nm laser mainly provides solutions for dark hair, such as dark skin type (IV-VI). It has the characteristics of low absorption of melanin but deep into the hair follicles. In other words, this longest wavelength focuses on the scalp, armpits, bikini line and other treatment areas.


The 3 wavelengths diode laser is the safest and most effective hair removal treatment available today. 3D technology provides excellent hair removal solutions.


the                 difference


smart magnetic tips

3D smart tips, Intelligent recognition know which tip your using so no need to change setting.

For this new intelligent diode laser handle, we offer 3 treatment tips: 

Body tip: 15*30mm 

Facial tip: 15*15mm 

Mini tip: 8mm for the treatment of area hard to reach, such as ears or nostrils 


360 cooling & monitoring 

With the special connection design between tips and handle, we can 100% ensure 360° super good cooling effect and painless treatment. Inside of the handle we have a monitoring module, which can detect real-time cooling temperature and output energy, protecting machine and patient every second. 

DIODE Finshed head .png

LED touch screen 

The big LED screen in our handle is also a highlight. Unlike other company’s machines, this screen in our handle is not just for displaying a simple logo, more importantly, it allows the practitioner to control the machine directly from screen. 

CO laser part.png
coherent logo.png

AuSun bars

100% Pure AuSn bars from US Coherent / German Dilas.

Super long lifespan of 20 million shots.

  • They do not burn out like normal crystal based laser, therefore will not need to be replaced until after 20 million shots.

  • No crystal makes the handle piece lighter, allowing you to work in a comfortable state for a long time.

  • The energy reaches the treatment area directly without energy loss making the treatment more focused and effective.

  • With no crystal there is less risk of the hand piece breaking or the crystal getting scratched, impairing the treatment. 

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