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Enhancemed works with leading technology company, to created CE & CE  Medical approved devices which is not only effective but we try and have a ecological edge to our products. 


The machines have been designed to be low wastage and sustainable without compromising on power and performance. On the contrary it is more powerful and effective than many on the market.

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No crystals or low shot lasers, reducing regular replacements resulting in less waste for the environment and less cost to you. Our diode laser has 20 million shots, the Nd: YAG has 10 million and the 980nm Diode & RF have unlimited shots.

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Reduction on throw away pads and use of reusable body plates to reduce wastage.

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Giving the option of multiple devices in one shell, saves parts and materials, and in the long run less waste, making it more ecological the more devices you have.

machines without the extortionate price tag

Aesthetic machines have become so expensive it makes it a very risky investment, putting clinics off. enhancemed tries to keep its costs down by not spending money on advertising, word of mouth is our main business. Contact us to find out our full price list. 

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